The perfect match for windbreakers


The windbreaker in March is worn, with autumn windbreaker is worn, there also needs to be some difference on atmosphere. The temperament of autumn is more calm and solemn and mature, and the temperament of spring is more fresh and bright and energetic, so, the windbreaker of spring is worn, no matter from the windbreaker or other clothing of collocation, you can choose some shallow, or quietly elegant, or dynamic color, so that the whole style can be integrated into the atmosphere of spring.

Windbreaker and shirt

Windbreaker and shirt have two different temperamental items, one is elegant and intellectual, the other is youth and leisure. The combination of these two items is just in line with the current trend of mixing and matching. The T-shirt can reduce the sense of formality and maturity of windbreaker. For girls who are afraid of wearing camel, wear a white T-shirt underneath.

Windbreaker and shirt

Windbreaker + shirt, are the single products of gentle temperament, are contracted atmosphere, suitable for OL dress. So, when it comes to pairing a trench coat with a shirt, this combination is basically a gentle one.

A windbreaker and a light sweater

Thin cheap sweater is a super perfect interior for March. Thin knitwear can be as thick as T-shirts and blouses, adjusting the need for warmth to just the right degree.

Windbreaker and suit pants

Suit pants look very professional, and also the bottom that can best highlight the workplace temperament. Suit pants also have a sense of formality and authority, with a strong aura. With the elegant and intellectual windbreaker, it is more powerful, heroic and majestic in the visual sense.

Traditional cheap pants are mostly straight, and the length of the trousers is basically long. Straight trousers are more neutral, more free and easy, and more free and comfortable.



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