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Contact with the fashion

Contact with fashion, and not to be into the fashion world, but the use of idle or spare time, see more of China fashion online news, pay more attention to some fashion news articles, fashion blogs, much analysis of the stars, fashionistas, fashion bloggers fit, if the condition allows, you can order some fashion magazines, form the good habit of aesthetic, this is a process of accumulation, Over time, your vision will be different from before, and your aesthetic ability will be improved.

Organize your closet and know the trade-offs

This moment you need nurturance arranges the good habit of almirah regularly, the one garment that tries dress a lot wears skill more, buy wrong the dress that does not wear at the outset take out, think method is tie-in afresh, search new tie-in train of thought, strive for the dress to use go up, have used it. If it is not suitable for their own clothes, also want to know how to choose, not suitable there is no need to keep it, let your wardrobe to maintain a small but fine, clean and tidy state.

Collect and use accessories

Deserve to act the role of in the lovely clothing collocation can take to the effect of small hiss, a well deserve to act the role of use, often can take to make the finishing point in clothing collocation effect, can buy more at ordinary times hat, sunglasses, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other accessories, can follow the teacher to teach in the dress collocation method USES these accessories, Accessories are also not recommended that everyone buy very expensive luxury brands. Buy a nice, cheap bag once in a while.

Today's three tips for improving your style have been shared. We also need to suggest that image management should not only focus on appearance, but also find time to learn more knowledge of other aspects, so as to improve their internal knowledge reserves. Only by cultivating both inside and outside, and growing together with appearance and soul, can you present to others the double improvement of temperament and self-restraint.



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