A guide to the best clothes for office workers

Commuting clothes are the most direct way to show one's mental state, balancing elegance and formality with age and sophistication. And this also lets "what to wear to work" makes many office workers have a headache. So how to dress for work in a timely and elegant way? Don't worry, this time I will share with you three gentle outfits. Let's take a look!

Shirt + high-waisted pants

Shirt is a typical piece of work wear, whether it is simple and elegant pure color cheap shirt, or overlay ribbon design or other designs, are very suitable for the office workers in the stage of light maturity.

Match tall waist trousers with the shirt, want to tie down the shirt bottom to enter trouser outfit only in, can build a go up easily short next long effect, show figure does not break spirit again.

2. Knitwear/shirt + high waist skirt

Pants outfit is concise and agile, and skirt of tall waist half body is elegant and tender union, the duty field female that likes temperament gentleness people, nature cannot miss.

The effect of the upper body will vary depending on the color, style, material and length of the high waist skirt. When it is used in the workplace, it is recommended that women adopt the MIDI skirt with the length between the knee and the ankle. The material should be drapery and smooth, and the tone can be considered in soft and soothing beige, white, apricot or Morandi colors.

3. Skirts/dresses

When it comes to the most time-saving and energy-efficient way to commute, there's no question about wearing a skirt or a dress. Here I recommend the white long dress



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